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Touring the cave was incredible! We appreciated the quick walk back to our room at the end of the tour and enjoying a delicious meal in the restaurant.

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Mammoth Cave National Park



Interior of Mammoth Cave

A Wild Cave Experience
By: David Noyes
Photography: Gary Berdeaux & David Noyes

It was a cold February morning in 1925 when all hope of rescue was finally lost. Thousands of people had gathered and millions more followed the drama on radio and in newsprint. After seventeen days locked in a rock vise fifty-five feet below ground, Floyd Collins was dead. It was a story I found hard to forget as guide Johnny Merideth described our next challenge at the harmless-sounding No-Name Pass. "You will start with a hands-and-knees crawl," he explained as my heart started to pound, "then down on your bellies for a few hundred feet as the ceiling slowly gets lower and lower until it is only about nine inches high. And then," he added, "it will get really tight."

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